Business Loans (unsecured)

Business Loans (unsecured)


Business loans South Africa from R 50 000 to R 1,5 million.
3 day approval.

No Security needed

Unsecured business finance, for small and medium businesses
Use as you please

Small business funding and quick funding for business.
Quick business loans by private lenders gives you funds for business.

Are you looking for funding companies or investors, then our SME funding, SMME funding, private business loans, funds for small business, company funding, business finance loans and business investors have sources of funds to assist to grow businesses, which includes purchase orders, invoice discounting,
Unsecured business loans fast and easy.


Loan Conditions

Loan Term: From 2 month to 6 months options
Minimum Loan: R 50 000
Maximum Loan: R 1 500 000
Interest: 25 % for 6 months term
Business Age: Minimum 1 year old
Business Turnover: R 1 million per annum or more
Premises: If leased, then leased for minimum of 1 year. If owned, then at least one year old
Start Ups: NO START UP business applications will be considered

Ideal Business Profile
Businesses that have a regular income flow into their bank accounts via EFT or Credit Card transfers. Companies that have contracts that ensure a regular flow of cash into their bank accounts have a high chance of loan approval.
Loan Requirements

Bank Statements: 6 months
Credit Profile: Owners / Shareholders / Members, Trustees and business, to have a 100 % clean credit profile
Ideal income profile: Credit Card sales or EFTPOS
Repayment: Weekly by Debit Order in 26 equal instalments
General: The lender will undertake other checks and request other information to assess the applicant’s loan service capability. All loans are granted at the lenders sole discretion. The lender’s decision is final.


Cost Schedule

  • Minimum Term – 6 months
  • Maximum Term – 6 months
  • Minimum APR – 50 %
  • Maximum APR – 50 %

Example :

  • Loan R 100 000
  • Term 6 months
  • APR 25 %
  • Repayment R 125 000

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote

Bank Guarantees

Financial Instruments

Choose The Type Of Financial Instrument You Are Interested In From The List Below: 

Bank Guarantee | Standby Letter of Credit Documentary Letter of Credit

About Financial Instruments Funding Options

Who are we : We are a South African financing solutions brokerage that sources and secures Bank Guarantees (MT 760), Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC)(LC), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Revolving Letters of Credit, Transferable Letters of Credit, Credit Facility and Lines of Credit using the MT760 bank guarantee.

Other types of guarantees such as  Construction Bonds, Performance Bonds, Bid Guarantees, Retention Bonds, Construction Insurance and Custom Guarantees and related products, are also available from our principals. Click Here to find out more about these Bonds.

Cost Schedule

  • Minimum Term – 3 months
  • Maximum Term – 12 months
  • Minimum APR – 13 %
  • Maximum APR – 30 %

Example :

  • Loan                         R 1 million
  • Term                        R 1 year
  • APR                           13 %
  • Repayment         R 1 130 000

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote.

What do we charge

Some of the financial instruments have no upfront fees but some like the MT760, the LC and SBLC will have an Administration Fee and Instrument Fee. We will advise you of the costs, BEFORE securing the financial instrument. Our initial consultation is free but once we are instructed to proceed then professionals such as attorneys are used and then fees are applicable. Fees for specific products can be lodged with your own attorney or bank until they are needed. We only need proof that you have the fees available to pay before we do the work of establishing the financial instrument.

Why do I have to pay this at time of issue

International service providers require BG, LC and SBLC fees before the financial instrument is issued. We need to cover all these costs and so fees need to be available when called for, to avoid penalties. Please bear in mind that with all instruments issued, we do not profit from the deal itself, you do.

Why use us

We know the various players in the market and will ensure you get a valid and credible financial instrument. We simplify an otherwise complicated process.

Should I not use my own bank for this

By using our service providers you do not necessarily use your own credit facility at your bank, you use our credit providers credit lines via your bank. This is very useful if you are at your bank limit or they will not assist you. We use the top 100 world banks to issue the financial instruments. It is important that the instrument issued is backed by a world class bank.

What size financial instruments can be issued

Almost unlimited, because  these financial instruments are issued and backed by the top 100 banks and insurance companies, in the world.

How long to set up

On average, not longer than two weeks after we have received all the information we request.

Bank Guarantee

Simply put, a Bank Guarantee is a commitment by a bank or the issuing party to pay a set amount of money to a nominated beneficiary, as compensation, in the event of a default by the client.

Where are BG’s used for?

Construction and development, expanding companies, trading platforms and the establishment of trading facilities.

What is needed to assess?

Each product has a different requirement but typical documents are : Business plan, feasibility study, CV’s, cash flows, budgets, QS reports, exit strategy, funds already invested, property valuations, asset valuations and clients personal and company balance sheets, proof of funds to pay admin fee and BG costs. Full lists for each different type of BG are available from us.


Some features of BG’s :

  • Can be used to enhance your ability to secure a credit facility, especially if it is 100 % cash-backed (Cash backed is when someone has blocked funds in their account, to allow issue of the BG).
  • Can be used as added security / collateral for a loan
  • Can be issued for 3 months to up to 5 years
  • Certain BG’s can be monetised. You need to verify this prior to issue. Your bank may charge a fee to “monetise” the Bank Guarantee.
  • Fees cannot be paid from the trade profits. The instrument fees are always payable when the instrument is issued. Costs and rates vary BUT in many cases this is cheaper than other forms of credit and the big advantage of this instrument, is that if you have a credible trade proposal, you can access a large trade facility with a fee which is relatively small in relation to the trade benefit to you.

Minimum Requirements

To raise a Bank Guarantee, for trade or project purposes the following requirments need to be met: 

Project Viability
You need to demonstrate that the project / transaction has a good chance of success.
Bank funding
Must be available, that accepts the BG as collateral / equity.(We can arrange this)
You need to be able to pay the Admin Fee and the Instrument Fee
Exit Strategy
Repayment of the bank loan at the end of the project must be plausible (unless it is grant funding)
The BG must be more than R 10 million

View An Example

Securing a Trading Facility Using a Bank Guarantee

Our Bank Guarantee associates are able to set up a facility on your behalf, out of which you may issue financial instruments (Letters of Credit) to your suppliers as and when required. The facility will be with your local bank. To set up this facility a full feasibility proposal needs to be sent to the relevant bank.  Our associates are able to provide these types of facilities and instruments, as they have suppliers of BG’s in Europe, who will avail securities to the local bank in order for a trade facility to be structured, on your behalf.

This is all credible, as local attorneys draw up an agreement confirming what the service providers duties and responsibilities are in setting the facility set up for you. Only once the service level agreement is agreed to by you and signed will the work commence.

Once the facility is set up, you will be in a position to issue Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit and Letters of Credit  to your suppliers, which provides them with the payment undertakings and security they need to trade with you. Please bear in mind that these financial instruments will be issued out of your facility at a local or international bank.

The following is required in order to commence with the establishment of a trade facility :
An administration fee of ZAR 35 000 in order to commence negotiations with our providers, to pay them to block certain instruments and to arrange the agreement from the appointed attorney on the undertakings with respect to establishment of a trading facility for you.


A presentation fee of ZAR 200 000 to be lodged in a nominated attorneys trust account (yours or ours), for purposes of producing a feasibility study, business plan and to do the presentations to the banks to secure a trade facility. The agreement mentioned above, governs the process, milestones, deliverables and the responsibilities, to you.

SBLC  –  Standby Letter of Credit

An SBLC is a Bank Guarantee and is not the same as a traditional Documentary Letter of Credit, which is used for international trading purposes. A Standby Letter of Credit is also referred to as a BG. The Swift code for a BG is MT760.

Certain BG’s (and SBLC’s) can be used to enhance your ability to apply for a line of credit or trade facility with your bank and can assist in offering your bank or a lender additional collateral.  Our service providers offer 100% cash-backed BG’s and SBLC’s using blocked funds on your behalf and so most banks can use these as additional collateral.


These are issued out of the top 100 World Banks – mainly from Europe, like HSBC, Deutsche, UBS etc for 6 months to 5 years and transferred to your bank via SWIFT protocol MT760.

By using the right issuing bank, you are assured of world wide acceptance of your BG and SBLC.
Leasing of a BG’s and SBLC’s comes at a high cost but in most instances the benefits of using these instruments, far outweigh the costs of setting them up.  We will quote you rates and costs  prior to entering into any financial transaction.

Why use us for BG’s and SBLC’s :  Because our service providers issue out of highly accredited, international banks, making your instrument a tangible instrument.

Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

A DLC is a commitment by a bank, at the request of an importer, to pay money to the exporter, when he presents a set of documents at a nominated bank, that comply with the terms of the Letter of Credit and within a certain time period.

These are undertakings conducted through international banks, provide a form of guaranteed payment (if all conditions are met) and are based solely on the documents  and not on the merchandise or service provided.



Can brokers / middlemen use us

Yes, most definitely. In fact most of our clients are people that were turned down by their own banks and we were able to offer trade finance using our financial instruments.

Why use our LC facilities

So that your own line of credit at your own bank is not used or where your own bank will not provide the facility to you (for whatever reason). Our specialists can provide the trading platform and trade facility for you to conduct that export or import business. Use our specialists’ facilities to expand your trading business.

Types of LC’s
  • Standby  –  can be drawn against, only on default of a service or financial obligation. It is a guarantee of payment ”upon first demand” to secure good performance of a contract or obligation.
  • Revocable – can be revoked if not indicated as Irrevocable
  • Unconfirmed  – bears only the obligation of the issuing banks and so the beneficiary cannot look to the intermediary for credit worthiness
  • Confirmed – a second obligation by another bank, is added to the LC.
  • Sight v Usuance – Payment is made without delay, if at “Sight” and if a Usuance LC, then payment is to be made at a future prescribed date.
  • Transferability : The beneficiary (in many cases a middleman) can transfer the LC  rights to the  another party if the LC is transferable.

Let us simplify your trade processes using third party LC’s for Purchase Order bridging, exports, imports and trade finance.

Construction Bonds

Bank Guarantees and Bonds

Choose The Type Of Finance Solution You Require From The List Below:
Performance Bond | Bid Bond | Construction Guarantee | Retention Guarantee | Custom Bond

The range of products available in the market, to insure against loss is almost unlimited and we, through various principles and underwriters, market the full range of guarantees, insurance products and bonds available in South Africa.

If what is described below, does not cover what you are looking for, then all you need do is fill in the no obligation enquiry form below and we will arrange for our specialists to make contact with you to provide a quote for a suitable product.

Cost Schedule

  • Minimum Term – 3 months
  • Maximum Term – 12 months
  • Minimum APR – 13 %
  • Maximum APR – 30 %

Example :

  • Loan: R 1 million
  • Term 3 Months
  • APR 36 %
  • Repayment R2 080 000

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote.

Performance Bond

A bond (guarantee) provided by one party of a contract to protect the interests of another party, in the event of non performance.

The supplier of the goods or service is normally required to issue a PB for the benefit of the importer or receiver of the goods or service. The guarantee amount can vary from 2 % to 10 % (or more) of the contract amounts.

The receiver of the goods / service can claim against this PB if the supplier of the goods does not perform in accordance with the trade contract, undertakings, agreements or LC’s.


Bid Bond

When tendering on certain projects, suppliers of services or product are sometimes required to put up a guarantee that they can perform if called upon to do so or if they win the tender. If they do not perform when called upon to perform, then the Bid Bond is called up (paid).

Why use us for this product : Costs are lower than the average market player and our service provider is backed by the biggest insurance company in South Africa. We are fast, experienced and very competitive.


Construction Guarantee

Most large construction projects require that the contractor provide a construction bond (guarantee) which can range from 2 % to 20 %. In the event of the contractor not fulfilling his obligations, the Construction Guarantee will be paid to the project owner, to assist in recovering losses incurred for an incomplete project but is subject to various conditions.

Why use our providers : In most instances our costs are cheaper. Interest is paid on the funds lodged (most banks do not do this) and rates form our service providers is much better than the banks can provide. Banks in most instances will not pay any interest on the fees and deposits called in terms of the guarantee. Our guarantee provider in this case is underwritten and backed by one of the largest insurance company in South Africa.


Retention Guarantee

Many construction projects require that an amount of the final payment be withheld to be sure that the snags on the project will be rectified by the contractor. A guarantee is sometimes needed by the employer ( project owners) to insure for these costs.


Custom Bond

Import regulatory authorities sometimes call for a bond (guarantee) to cover the costs of import duties, levies, taxes and other relevant charges. We can arrange these at a very reasonable rate.


Other categories of guarantee policies:

To protect your investments you could consider some of the following :

  • Contract Works and Liability policies for both Civil Engineering and Building Projects
  • Construction insurance to insure the work completed on a construction project
  • Offshore construction and engineering policies in Euros, US Dollars, SA Rands or the currency of the relevant contract
  • Advanced Loss of Profits policy for construction risks such as hotels, shopping malls, office blocks, industrial warehouses and toll roads
  • Machinery Breakdown policies with Loss of Profit extensions
  • Our principles underwrite through all national and regional insurers and also some international underwriters that include Lloyds of London and have offices throughout South Africa.

Other financial instruments available are Bank Guarantees (MT760), Letters of Credit, Stand by Letters of Credit.

Click Here to be redirected to our page on these specialist products.

Debt Consolidation Bond-Free Property

Commercial Property Finance

Choose The Type Of Commercial Property Finance You Are Interested In From The List Below: 
Commercial Property | Industrial Property | Equity Funding | Joint Venture Partnership | Equity Release | Affordable Housing

Business Debt Consolidation Bond-Free Property

Secure finance against your Bond-Free ( fully paid-up) property; if the value of the property is more than R 600 000 and you have a legal entity.


  • Need a loan for your business?
  • Own a bond free property?
  • Property worth more than R 650 000?
  • Your business is a legal entity: CC or Trust or (PTY) Ltd?

Then a loan of R 250 000 or more could be available to you, RIGHT NOW!

Business Consolidation Loans are quick and easy, using bond-free property as collateral. Use your unbonded personal property or business property as security for a ‘term loan’.


Use the money as needed:

  • Clear your business debt, using your bond-free property.
  • Inject cash into your business.
  • Pay outstanding invoices.
  • Take advantage of a new contract by getting a business loan against
    your property.
  • Anything else


Please note: Our secured loans are aimed at business entities, not private individuals.
You need to own a business and it must be registered in a legal entity name ie (Pty) Ltd., CC or Trust.


Take Advantage of a Business Opportunity


General Loan Conditions :


  • Legal Entity – Applicant has to be a business entity- CC, Pty or trust
  • Trusts – To have a minimum of 3 trustees;
  • Security – The property needs to be fully paid up (Bond free)
  • Value – Property to be valued at more than R650 000
  • Types – Preferably residential but others also considered
  • Loan Amount – Minimum R250 000;
  • Loan term – 6 to 12 months
  • Affordability – Proof of income to service loan required
  • Documents reqd – Financial statements, bank statements, management accounts, proof of income, etc.
  • Exit strategy – Clients need to show how the capital can be paid back at end of the loan term.


Pay Creditors Early and Get Your Settlement Discount


Approximate Costs (Refer to lender quote when you apply)

Property Value:  R 1 000 000
Loan Granted:     R 400 000
Bond Reg Costs:  R 12 000
Attorney Fees:     R 8 000
Initiation Fee:      R 12 000

Funds Available:    R 368 000 ( to Client)

Interest Rate:         3 % per month

Once-off Costs:      3 %


 Clear Business Debt by Offering Your Property as Security

Please note the applicant must be a business entity that can offer a private property or business property as collateral




Can you assist private individuals?
Only if the applicant is a registered legal entity like a (Pty) Ltd, CC or a Trust.
The property can be owned by an individual but the loan goes to a business.


Any upfront fees to be paid?
No. All costs are deducted from the loan granted.


Can you assist if I have a bad credit profile?
Sometimes. The reason for the credit listing needs to be assessed.


Can you assist if I have a good credit profile?
Yes, but this is not the only criteria considered.


Is there a minimum and maximum property value?
Dependent on the lenders conditions. Submit your application and we will advise.


What is the maximum Loan-to-Value?
40 % of the value of your home / property can be borrowed.


Maximum Loan Term?
12 months is allowed to pay the loan back.


Maximum loan amounts?
This application is for amounts up to R 2 million. Please go to our website to see programs for loans higher than R2 million. CLICK HERE for loans from R 2 mill to R 50 million.


How long does it take?
4 to 6 weeks. A bond is registered over the property. The property stays in your name.


How much does it cost?
Interest at 3 % per month and a once-off initiation fee of 3 %. Bond registration costs and attorney fees are for the applicant. These costs vary and are dependent on the loan amount.


How much do I get out?
The amount left after the initiation fee, attorney costs and bond registration fee, are deducted from the amount granted and paid to the applicant. See example above.


Repayment Options
Option 1 : Interest only for 12 months, then the full capital amount paid within 12 months
Option 2 : Interest and Capital repayments, then balance of capital paid at the end of 12 months


Can I stay on in my home/property?


Can I rent my home /property out?


Does the property stay registered in my name?
Yes. A bond is registered over the property to secure the loan but the property stays in your name.


Is there any risk to me?
No, as long as you abide by the Terms and Conditions of the loan and make all repayments as agreed. If you do not, then the lender has the right to secure his money.


What types of property can be used?
Residential is ideal but others such as rental producing properties in urban areas can be used.


Use a Secured Loan to Settle Business Debt, with a 1st Bond on Your Bond-Free Property.


How does property backed finance work?
Private lenders take a higher risk and lend money to clients that banks won’t lend to, by registering a bond over your property. The property has to be bond free ( fully paid for). The lender uses the property/house as collateral for the loan. This is called secured finance or collateral loans. These loans against a paid-up property, can be used to settle debt but the loan has to be granted to a legal entity like a Pty, CC or Trust. It cannot be given to a private person.
You have 12 months to pay back the property backed loan. These private business consolidation companies need security to lend money and so they will register a 1st bond over your property to secure their loan.


A collateral loan against property, is a recognized method to secure business funding. It is risk free to the borrower as long, as the borrower complies with the terms of the loan agreement by making the monthly repayments. So, using your home to pay off debt is safe and easy. It is essentially a mortgage backed loan offered by a private company instead of a bank. This “business debt rescue” program, is available in South Africa and Namibia only.


We look forward to assisting you to pay off those business debts or take advantage of some new contracts to grow your business.

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Business Debt Consolidation Using Property

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Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting, Invoice Factoring, Debtors Funding facilities are bridging finance programs where funds / money is advanced to by ‘selling’ your future income, to a bridging company, who then collects the debt.  This process can take a few weeks, as the lender has to assess your business, your debtors and the risk elements of the bridging facility.


A quick short term solution to raise capital / money is to apply for an UNSECURED Business Loan, of R 50 000 up to R 1,5 million which is available in 3 days  with no security required.


The Unsecured Business Loan, will provide quick cash, while we get your Debtors Discounting, Debtors Factoring, Invoice Discounting facility approved.

Risk : So, essentially the lender ‘buys’ your debt and then collects the funds. If your client does not pay or does not pay on-time, then you are still responsible for the debt.

Requirements : The lender will want to see your audited financials ( for 2 years ) and management accounts up to current. Also all other statements of account eg Debtors and Creditors Age Analysis, Assets register, contracts, leases, bank statements, stock lists and all other accounting records.

Time : The assessment process takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

Quick Funding  : Unsecured Business Loan

The quickest method to secure a loan to improve cash flow, is to apply for an Unsecured Business Loan. No security required, 3 day approval, maximum of R 1,5 million loan   APPLY HERE



Minimum Term –  3 months
Maximum Term – 60 months
Minimum APR –  15 %
Maximum APR – 30 %

Example :
Loan                R 100 000
Term               6 months
APR                15 %
Repayment      R 115 000

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote