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Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting, Invoice Factoring, Debtors Funding facilities are bridging finance programs where funds / money is advanced to by ‘selling’ your future income, to a bridging company, who then collects the debt.  This process can take a few weeks, as the lender has to assess your business, your debtors and the risk elements of the bridging facility.


A quick short term solution to raise capital / money is to apply for an UNSECURED Business Loan, of R 50 000 up to R 1,5 million which is available in 3 days  with no security required.


The Unsecured Business Loan, will provide quick cash, while we get your Debtors Discounting, Debtors Factoring, Invoice Discounting facility approved.

Risk : So, essentially the lender ‘buys’ your debt and then collects the funds. If your client does not pay or does not pay on-time, then you are still responsible for the debt.

Requirements : The lender will want to see your audited financials ( for 2 years ) and management accounts up to current. Also all other statements of account eg Debtors and Creditors Age Analysis, Assets register, contracts, leases, bank statements, stock lists and all other accounting records.

Time : The assessment process takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

Quick Funding  : Unsecured Business Loan

The quickest method to secure a loan to improve cash flow, is to apply for an Unsecured Business Loan. No security required, 3 day approval, maximum of R 1,5 million loan   APPLY HERE



Minimum Term –  3 months
Maximum Term – 60 months
Minimum APR –  15 %
Maximum APR – 30 %

Example :
Loan                R 100 000
Term               6 months
APR                15 %
Repayment      R 115 000

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote