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Floor Plan Finance – Used Car Showrooms

Quick funds for used car dealers. Get R 100 000 in 24 hours. Larger amounts take a few days.

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Accelerate Your Used-Car Dealership Success, with Tailored Floor Plan Financing !

Ever wondered how to get funding for your used car dealership? Ever missed out on getting new stock at great deal, because of cash flow? Do you have buyers but not enough stock ?

Ask yourself this…“What is the cost of NOT applying for a car dealership cash advance?” How many deals could you lose, if you do not have stock ?

Get a floor plan loan and get back in the driver’s seat of your business!

If you need quick access to cash NOW, for your used-car dealership, our dealer floor plan
providers offer dealer financing at the best rates possible. We can help you !
Independent Auto Dealer Financing, is the solution you’ve been searching for.
Car dealer floor plan financing has never been easier. We have finance for car traders,
tailored to your unique used car business.
Are you ready to stock your showroom with the best cars money can buy? We facilitate the
most innovative car dealership funding solution.

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Increase Stock Levels

Need to buy more second-hand cars NOW? Our asset lending dealer funding gives you rapid
access to cash, to buy more vehicles. Lines of credit to buy cars, in South Africa, has never been easier!

Enjoy Flexible Loan Terms

You have 90 days to settle your loan. You can apply more than once.

Optimize Your Stock Levels and Take Your Used-Car Dealership to New Heights!

As experts in used-car dealer funding facilitation, we understand your business.
We understand that money = stock = sales = profit. This is why we strive to make the floor
plan finance application process, as simple as possible. We offer a quick and easy solutions.

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We Place Buying Power, Back Your Hands!

Traditional financing for used car dealers restricts the car trading business to only using the funds for the vehicle being acquired. We are breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ – our funding allows your dealership to spend the funds as they wish, on condition the loan is settled within 90 days, as per the loan terms.

Being one of the most progressive and trusted companies in South Africa, our credit provider knows what it takes to grow your business, to the next level of success.

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Dealership Floor Plan Financing Works Like This:
Minimum period of 14 days
Minimum loan of R100 000
Competitive interest rates, charged daily
Max vehicle age of 10 years
Unlock max value against existing assets
Use cash to increase stock

Requirements – up to R 150 000 funding:
Directors ID
BRNC certificate
Bank Letter
Signed 90 day bridging agreement

APPLY NOW for your auto floor financing bridging package for pre-owned vehicles.

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How soon can I get my money?

Your auto dealer floor plan advance is paid into your account in as little as 24 hours giving
you increased buying power overnight!

Minimum amount?

The minimum funding amount is R100 000 and almost no upper limits.

Maximum amount?

Almost no upper limits.

How to apply?

Fill in the contact form below to enquire now.

Can I get more than R 100 000?

Yes, if you meet the lending criteria

May I re-apply?

Yes, if your account has been conducted in a regular manner.

If I have a poor credit profile, will I be approved?

Discuss this with the consultant that contacts you. Each application is dealt with on its own merits.

What are the costs?

A very competitive rate is offered. You will be provided with a term sheet outlining the fees ,
before you sign any agreement.

Let Us Help Your Used-Car Dealership. Free Up Cash-Flow, TODAY!