Do you own fully paid up property? Use the unbonded property as security for a loan.


Secure finance against your bond-free (fully paid-up) property if the value of the property is more than R800 000 and you have a legal entity.

  • Need a loan for your business?
  • Own a bond free property?
  • Property worth more than R800 000?
  • Your business is a legal entity: CC or Trust or (PTY) Ltd?

Then a loan of R 250 000 or more could be available to you, RIGHT NOW!

Loans against property are quick and easy, using bond-free property as loan collateral. Use your unbonded personal property or business property as security for a property term loan. A maximum of 50% of the open market value is generally lent.

Approximate Costs (Refer to lender quote when you apply)

Property Value:  R 1 000 000
Loan Granted:     R 400 000
Bond Reg Costs:  R 12 000
Attorney Fees:     R 8 000
Initiation Fee:      R 12 000

Funds Available:    R 368 000 ( to Client)

Interest Rate:         2.8% – 4% per month

Once-off Costs:      3 %

Term: 6 – 12 months 


Use the money as needed:

  • Clear your business debt, using your bond-free property.
  • Inject cash into your business.
  • Pay outstanding invoices.
  • Take advantage of a new contract by getting a business loan against
    your property.
  • Buy a new property while your current home is on the market and you await a conclusive sale.
  • Fund shortfalls on a cash purchase.

We consider all the details and complexities for the most fair and accurate valuation of your property. 


As soon as all documents have been signed and the bond has been registered, you will receive your funds within hours. 


In-house appraisors provide fast and accurate estimates on your property value to prevent delays in providing you with a loan offer. 


Can you assist private individuals?

No, we can only provide loans against property for legal entities

Any upfront fees to be paid?

No. All costs are deducted from the loan granted.

Can you assist if I have a bad credit profile?

Sometimes. The reason for the credit listing needs to be assessed.

Can you assist if I have a good credit profile?

Yes, but this is not the only criteria considered.

Is there a minimum and maximum property value?

Dependent on the lenders conditions. Submit your application and we will advise.

What is the maximum Loan-to-Value?

40 % of the value of your home / property can be borrowed.

Maximum Loan Term?

12 months is allowed to pay the loan back.

Maximum loan amounts?

This application is for amounts up to R 2 million. Please go to our website to see programs for loans higher than R2 million. CLICK HERE for loans from R 2 mill to R 50 million.

How long does it take?

4 to 6 weeks. A bond is registered over the property. The property stays in your name.

How much does it cost?

Interest at 3 % per month and a once-off initiation fee of 3 %. Bond registration costs and attorney fees are for the applicant. These costs vary and are dependent on the loan amount.

How much do I get out?

The amount left after the initiation fee, attorney costs and bond registration fee, are deducted from the amount granted and paid to the applicant. See example above.

Repayment Options

Option 1 : Interest only for 12 months, then the full capital amount paid within 12 months
Option 2 : Interest and Capital repayments, then balance of capital paid at the end of 12 months

Can I stay on in my home/property?


Can I rent my home /property out?


Does the property stay registered in my name?

Yes. A bond is registered over the property to secure the loan but the property stays in your name.

Is there any risk to me?

No, as long as you abide by the Terms and Conditions of the loan and make all repayments as agreed. If you do not, then the lender has the right to secure his money.

What types of property can be used?

Residential is ideal but others such as rental producing properties in urban areas can be used.

How does property backed finance work?

Private lenders take a higher risk and lend money to clients that banks won’t lend to, by registering a bond over your property. The property has to be bond free ( fully paid for). The lender uses the property/house as collateral for the loan. This is called secured finance or collateral loans. These loans against a paid-up property, can be used to settle debt but the loan has to be granted to a legal entity like a Pty, CC or Trust. It cannot be given to a private person.

You have 12 months to pay back the property backed loan. These private business consolidation companies need security to lend money and so they will register a 1st bond over your property to secure their loan.

A collateral loan against property, is a recognized method to secure business funding. It is risk free to the borrower as long, as the borrower complies with the terms of the loan agreement by making the monthly repayments. So, using your home to pay off debt is safe and easy. It is essentially a mortgage backed loan offered by a private company instead of a bank. This “business debt rescue” program, is available in South Africa and Namibia only.


We look forward to assisting you to pay off those business debts or take advantage of some new contracts to grow your business.


General Loan Conditions :
  • Legal Entity – Applicant has to be a business entity- CC, Pty or trust
  • Trusts – To have a minimum of 3 trustees;
  • Security – The property needs to be fully paid up (Bond free)
  • Value – Property to be valued at more than R650 000
  • Types – Preferably residential but others also considered
  • Loan Amount – Minimum R250 000;
  • Loan term – 6 to 12 months
  • Affordability – Proof of income to service loan required
  • Documents reqd – Financial statements, bank statements, management accounts, proof of income, etc.
  • Exit strategy – Clients need to show how the capital can be paid back at end of the loan term.