Bridging finance for property purchase. Get a short-term property loan to cover expenses.

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Bridge the financial gap when you have sold your home and need a cash advance on property sale proceeds with a property sellers advance

Quick & Easy Short Term Property Loans

Congratulations! You’ve sold your home and now you can start searching for your next home or perhaps you’ve already found it. You’re banking on using the sale proceeds from your sold property to help cover the costs of purchasing your new property. But property transfers can be complicated and take months before you see the money… now what?

Get a property sellers advance on the sale of your home!

A property bridging loan for sellers is a short-term property loan giving you access to a percentage of the funds due to you while you wait for the transfer to be completed.

When you apply for a property sellers advance loan, our lenders may grant you up to 75% of your nett sale proceeds to give you access to much-needed funds sooner.

Use the funds to cover rates, transfer duty, as a deposit for your new property or to pay for renovations on your new home.

PAUSE!! Please check you are applying for the CORRECT loan!!

This form applies to a property bridging loan for sellers who have sold a property and want an advance on the sale proceeds. HOWEVER, if you require a loan against your bond-free property (i.e. using your property as security for a loan), please APPLY HERE.


Minimum amount        R 10 000

Maximum amount       R 100 000 000

Minimum Term            61 days

Maximum Term          12 months ?

Minimum APR             29,76 %

Maximum APR            30 % %


Loan                                        10 000

Term                                        61 Days

Rate                                        0,15 % per day

61 day interest                        R 915

Total repay after 30 days        R10 915

Benefits of Seller’s Property Proceeds Bridging Loans:

Early access to sale proceeds – instead of waiting months for your property sale proceeds, get up to 75% NOW!

Cover costs – pay for transfer duty fees, rates and taxes, conveyancing fees etc.

Buy a new property – use the funds for a deposit on a new home or to cover the cost of renovations on your new property.

Fuss-free and conveyancer-approved!

Our acreddited lenders are acknowledged by conveyancers, and many are transferring attorneys go-to bridging finance providers. 

Bridging finance fits in seamlessly with the conveyancing process and your attorney and our providers will handle all the paperwork. The conveyancer is required to sign a loan agreement accepting that they are required to pay the loan amount to the loan provider upon succesful transfer. 

Apply for property bridging finance

Get funds now, don’t wait!


Property sellers can enjoy early access to the proceeds of the sale if all the conditions furnished in the sales agreement have been met. Sellers can be eligible to receive as much as 75% of the nett proceeds.

How it Works:

  • Property is sold and sales agreement signed
  • Handed over to conveyancer
  • All suspensive conditions met 
  • Up to 75% of nett proceeds (less bond and fees) awarded to applicant


  • Signed sales agreement
  • All suspensive conditions met 
  • Transferring attorney engaged




You sell your home for R6mil. You still owe R2mil on your original bond. Therefore nett proceeds due to you will be R4mil. If you qualify for 75% of your sale proceeds early, you will receive R3mil in cash. 

Upon transfer, your conveyancer will pay back R3mil to the lender and the balance to you (less any fees incurred). 

Banks – only pay out the profits or sale proceeds to you when the property is registered in the new owner’s name, but a bridge company, bridging company, bridging companies, bridging finance houses, bridging lenders or bridge financiers pay out now.  Bridging finance and bridging loans  is a short-term cash loan that bridging loan lenders or bridging finance lenders advance to you,  while you wait for the property to be registered.

Suspensive conditions – In order to successfully secure an advance as bridging financing on the funds from the sale of the property, all suspensive conditions must have been met by all parties to the property sale transaction, and the full purchase price must be secure, to enable a bridging loan to be approved.  Funds can then be advanced, bridged, loaned, lent, borrowed or ceded.

Deceased Estate –  If the sold property is part of a deceased estate, a bridging company can assist with bridging finance only if the applicant is currently the registered co-owner of the property.  A bridging loan company would not be able to assist with providing bridging finance to heirs to the property.

Simultaneous Transfers – Please note that if the transaction involves a simultaneous transfer i.e. if you have bought the property and then immediately sold it, you would need to provide another, un-bonded, property as security.

Quick bridging loans – in South Africa are easy to secure through New Heights Finance, as we have access to various bridging companies who offer bridging finance.  Fiance and bridging fiance is used when a private individual or a company has sold a property.  It can be residential property, commercial property or land.

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What this means to you: CASH IN HAND.