Rent To Own Cars

Why buy, when you can rent to own a car?

Is it your DREAM to drive your own car but you cannot get car finance? Don’t worry, we can get you a rental car.

Rent to Own cars through our finance broker service, is free. We refer you to the BEST Rent-to-Buy car companies in South Africa and they pay us a small commission, if you choose to rent a car from them.

Our flexi-drive car rental service does NOT decline you if your credit score is bad or if you do not have enough credit history to qualify for vehicle finance. We want to help you get a car. So why buy cars with endless monthly repayments when you can go the no-finance car rental option?

The Rent To Buy Cars program enables clients that have a negative credit report, to rent a car and at the end of the term, they have the option to own the car. The renter signs an Option-to-Buy the car at the end of the rental term.


Normal finance companies always check your credit profile first and if there are any issues on your credit profile, then they will decline your application. This often happens to young professionals who have not yet built up enough of a credit history. Our car-rental system does not do this. They want your business! They want to help you drive a car of your own.

The flexi-drive system is a fully legal rent to own a car facility, that has been in South Africa for many years. It is an easy way for people with good or bad credit to drive a car and eventually own a car.

We only refer you to the best accredited long-term car rental companies. We have checked them all out and we only refer you to the best.

How to apply for rent to own cars

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  • Valid driver licence
  • Proof of Income of R 15 000 per month
  • Deposit of between R 10 000 to R 15 000
  • South African ID

Flexible Terms

No fixed contracts for more control over your finances

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Car Rental Contract Details

Contract Length: Month-to-month rental or long-term rentals.
Vehicle Types: A massive selection of cars to fit your needs
Penalties: Rent to Own Cars is the best option because, with some vendors, you can exit with no penalties (in terms of the rental agreement).
Services Offered: Insurance, Licensing, Plan Changes, Tracking, Insurance, accident management, e-toll management, a maintenance plan and other benefits.
Finance: This method of owning a car is not a finance product so your credit profile is not relevant.
Roadside assistance: Check your contract, as this is only available in certain areas
Vehicle Servicing: This is subject to any warranties that may exist in the car
Low Credit Score: This is not a finance product and so clients with a poor credit score can be assisted if they can afford the monthly payments and have a small deposit.

Get a car with bad credit score

You don’t need a perfect credit score to get behind the wheel

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How to buy a car with a bad credit score: 

The solution is to rent a car for 60 months and then you can own the car at the end of the rental period. After 60 months the car can be transferred to you. Some companies will charge up to 15% of the motor vehicle value and then it is yours.

Benefits of Rent To Own a Car


Rent to Own cars is the most affordable way to own a car.

Fixed Rental

Not subject to interest rate fluctuations 


You can return the car at any time if you cannot afford it anymore.


Insurance is included in your monthly rental

Roadside Assistance

Broke down? Call the tow-in service included in your rental.

Medical Assistance

Available as an add-on service

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking system installed as part of the package

Option to Buy

You can own the car after 60 months at 15 % of the value.


You can also upgrade or down grade your car after 12 months.

Tax Savings

Write off the car expenses against personal or business tax.

Frequently asked questions


Is there any risk to me?

No, so long as you pay your monthly rentals and look after the car there is little risk to you. If you do not pay, the car will be immobilized and taken back.

Is it cheaper than bank finance?

Remember, this is not a finance product. You rent the car and then you get to own the car at the end of the rental term.

What happens if the car gets stolen?

The car rental company will install a tracking device which is included in the rental, so the vehicle can be tracked, but there are normal excess fees to be paid on the insurance claim for the car to be replaced should it not be recovered.

How do I get to own the car?

If you pay your monthly payments on time and look after the motor vehicle, in terms of the car rental agreement, the car can be all yours in 5 years. In some cases, a small fee is payable to take ownership.

What happens if I do not want the car at the end of agreement?

You merely bring the car back to the car rental company and that is it or you can start a new rental agreement.

Where are the rent to own cars available?

In all major cities of South Africa like, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Boksburg and others. You can rent to own cars in Johannesburg, rent to own cars in Durban, Rent to own cars in Cape Town – any major city!

How much do I need to earn to qualify?

You will need to have regular income of R15 000 per month, plus R15 000 deposit available, to afford the monthly payments.

How do I make my monthly repayments?

You will sign a Debit Order (AEDO – Authenticated Early Debit Order), which automatically deducts the funds from your account on a specific date and time every month.

May I cancel the contract early?

Yes, you may cancel early. Some vendors charge an early cancellation fee. Discuss this with the car rental company when they contact you.

Questions the rent-to-own-a-car companies will ask you
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license.
  • Do you have a criminal record.
  • Do you have a deposit of approximately R12,500 to R 15 000.
  • Do you have a total monthly payment of between R3,500 and R5,000.
  • If you are male are you over the age of 25.
  • Do you have 3 months original bank statements.
  • Do you have a valid ID.
  • Do you have 3 month payslips or proof of income.
  • Have you been driving for longer than 5 years.
  • Do you have proof of your physical address.
  • Are you a South African citizen
Terms and Conditions

We merely refer clients to vendors. It is the client’s responsibility (your responsibility) to check all details of the contract they enter into. We will not be responsible for any misunderstandings between the vendor and the client. By enquiring on this site there is no guarantee our vendors will assist. It is the vendor’s sole decision on who to assist. Terms and conditions of products can and do change without notice.

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