Debt Consolidation Using Property

Settle Debt Using Property


Do you have debt to settle ?
Do you own a property ?


Settle your debts by selling your property and secure the right to Buy It Back within 12 to 24 months.


How? The Sell, Rent, Buy-Back or Seller Buyback method.

The Sell and Buy Back Process

  • Sell your property and use profits to settle debts
  • Rent the property for a negotiated and agreed amount
  • Buy your property back within 12 – 24 months

Requirements for the sale of your property:

Types of property: Any but specific criteria apply to vacant land
Minimum Property Value: R 1 000 000
Maximum Property Value: No maximum
Buy-Back price: Client and Purchaser to agree.
Credit Profile: All credit profiles welcome
Exclusions: Certain locations (TBA)



The Rental Agreement

You will pay rent at an amount agreed by both parties to the agreement
Term can be for 12 to 24 months
You can buy the property back anytime within 12 – 24 months


Buy-Back Option
You have the option to purchase your property within 12 to 24 months
The Buy Back price is the to be agreed between the parties to the agreement.
Your Buyback option can be exercised at any time in the 12 – 24 months period.



Debt Settlement using property, is also known as the Buyback Sale, Sale and Leaseback, Rent to Buy Back and Rent to Own. Essentially you settle debt using property equity. You sell your property with the right to buy the property back and use the profit from the sale, to settle your debts.

Bond Consolidation, Loan Consolidation and Debt Consolidation Loans for Homeowners is when you use the equity in your property to settle your debt. So, consolidate your debt using the equity in your home.

If you are looking for homeowner debt relief, a mortgage debt settlement or homeowner equity release, look no further. You can assist yourself to pay your debt off.

Why stress about your debt ? The solution is easy. Sell your home to settle debt and then stay in your property and buy your property back, within 12 – 24 months.

This also applies to commercial, industrial, retail and other property types. Ask our vendor consultant when they contact you.


Can you assist if I have a bad credit profile?

Yes. This is precisely who we can assist.

Can you assist if I have a good credit profile?


Is there a minimum and maximum home/property value?

Yes, no properties less than R 1 000 000 value will be considered.

What is the maximum debt amount?

50 % of the value of your home/property

How long does it take?

Submit the required documents and processing starts.

How much does it cost?

See examples on home page.

Can I stay on in my home?

Yes, at an agreed rental amount.

Can I rent my home/property back after it is sold?

Yes, at an agreed rental

Can I buy my home/property back?

Yes, within 12 – 24 months and this is negotiable.

Is there any risk to me?

No, as long as you abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Sale and Rental Agreement

What types of property can be used?

All types but not vacant land, unless it meets very specific criteria.

What Documents Are Needed?
  • Proof of address
  • Erf details and street address
  • Latest municipal rates statement
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Latest bond statement
  • Credit check authority
  • Marital status confirmation
  • List of all other debt over R10 000
  • Proof of Income ( salary slips or business income)
  • Copy of ID
  • Photos of property

Ideal Property Profile


 Any type of property valued at over R 1 000 000 that has a bond of less than 35 % of the value of the property. Eg Property R 1 million. Bond R 350 000 or less.


 Buy Back Bond

When you are ready to buy your property back, the vendor can assist you, by facilitating the bond application process. All banks will be approached to get you the best deal possible. You may also use your own bank or your own bond originator.



Use the tried and tested Sale and Buy-Back method.


Important Notes and Conditions
1. We refer your enquiry to third parties and you deal direct.
2. This is not a loan product.
3. This is property transaction solution i.e. Sale and Purchase
4. Neither us, nor the third-party vendors, is a FSP registered
5. Neither us, nor the third-party vendors are registered with the NCR

6. Neither us, nor the third party, get involved in the settlement of your debt
7. The decision on whether to enter into a transaction or not, is at the sole discretion of the