Unsecured Business Loans

Loans from R50k – R1.5mil within 3 days. For businesses trading for 1 year with sales of R1mil per year. NO START-UPS.

Property Sellers Advance

Sold your home? Get up to 75% of the sale proceeds early and cover transfer fees or put down a deposit on your new home.

Bond Bridging Advance

Switched your bond or been granted a second bond? Get up to 80% of the approved bond amount advanced to you.

Rates & Transfer Duty Loan

Need to cover the cost of transfer fees and rates/taxes advances? Apply for a bridging loan.

Home Loan

Found your dream home? Make it a reality and apply for a home loan today!

Loans Against Property

Use your  unbonded property as security for a cash loan.

Estate Agent Commission Advance

Get early access to a portion of your sale commission through property bridging loans.

Property Developers Finance

If you have rights to develop and a record of pre-sales, apply for developers finance to accelerate your development project.

Mezzanine Finance

Want to invest in commercial property but don’t have the funds readily available? Apply for commercial property finance.  

Bond Refinancing

Applied for a second bond? Get access to a portion of the bond early with a bond refinancing loan. 

Transfer Duty Loan

Sold a property and need access to funds to pay for the transfer duty for your new property? Apply for a transfer duty loan. 

Rates & Levies Advance Loan

Need to pay for rates clearance and levy clearance before transfer? Apply for a property bridging loan here. 

Property Partnership Programme

Unlock property investment opportunities with little to no equity today! Leverage your network and grow your portfolio.

Equity Release

Property owners can release equity on their home to settle debts or cover the costs of home renovations. Also called bond refinancing or equity loans.

Equity Guarantee

If you have orders and need funding, Trade Finance, Import Funding, Inventory Finance, Stock Finance, Purchase Order Bridging, Debtors Finance 

Commercial Property Finance

Switch your bond to an interest-only commercial property loan where you pay back the interest-only and settle the capital amount at the end of the 5-year term, leaving you with more money in your pocket to plough into your business. Commercial property only.

Executive Property Development Finance

If you are an experienced property developer with an excellent project track record, our executive developer finance will unlock up to R100 million in investment opportunities for your business. 

Solar Finance

How would you like to save on your electricity bill while at the same time make a long term investment? As property owners in South Africa, it is our responsibility to find ways to stay sustainable and cut costs. Solar solutions are one of the most cost-effective ways of doing so. That’s why we created Solar Finance. Solar Finance provides a viable solar energy finance solution for most property owners in South Africa.

Debt Consolidation Using Property

Debt consolidation using bonded property combines various debts into a single loan secured by property, offering property owners a structured repayment plan and potentially lower interest rates, facilitating financial management and reducing overall debt burden.

Infrastructure Funding

Infrastructure funding provides property developers with the necessary capital for constructing essential facilities such as roads and utilities within a project, enabling timely completion and enhancing the project’s overall value and attractiveness to investors.

Property Bridging Loans

Property bridging loans offer short-term financing solutions, providing quick access to funds for purchasing or refinancing properties, bridging the gap until longer-term financing can be secured, and facilitating smooth transactions.