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Apply for quick and easy bridging loans for business, personal loans and property bridging loans. Get a cash advance faster.

Get access to as little as R50 000 or as much as R5 million in cash loans within a few days. We move quickly. 

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Simply fill in the application form linked to the loan solution you’d like to apply for, submit & get feedback within 3 days.

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With over 35 000 successful applications processed, that’s a whole lot of yes’s! With our proven track record of loan approvals, you’re more likely to get that YES.

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Pay your loan back as per your agreement or pay it back sooner. Extensions on request.

How Does It Work?


Fill in the application form linked to the loan solution you would like to apply for.

This is a bit of information about you to help our lenders process your application faster and to ensure you meet the minimum requirements. 


You will receive a decision from our lenders within 3 days, but it is often much sooner.

Upon approval, you will need to complete a loan repayment agreement as per the lender.


Depending on the product you apply for, cash could be in your account within 24 hours!

Repay your loan as per your loan agreement or settle early if your finances improve.