RAF Cash Advance

No need to wait for your Road Accident Fund claim to payout….get an advance on your RAF claim within a few days !

No Credit Checks. No Upfront costs. No hidden costs. No risk. Blacklisted clients welcome

If you have been involved in a road accident and have made a successful claim via an attorney BUT are waiting for the RAF to pay out your RAF money, then why not take an RAF cash advance and get your money in 24 hours! In fact, most claimaints wait between 6 and 12 months for their payout once a settlement figure has been agreed upon, however, with the current backlog and cashflow issues the RAF is facing, your RAF payout can take years. In the meantime, you may be feeling the pinch financially, especially if you were badly injured and had costly medical treatment, or are disabled as a result of the accident and can no longer work. Get the financial relief you deserve with an RAF bridging loan. You are eligible to receive up to 75% of the settlement amount due to you in advance. You can use this to:

  • cover living expenses
  • pay for medical bills
  • pay for nursing care
  • cover the cost of legal representation to fight your case

An RAF advance is cash paid to you by a funder, that has money to advance to you, and who will wait until the RAF pays the claim out to be reimbursed. It is also commonly referred to as an RAF loan or RAF bridging loan.

What is the catch? There is no catch. The funder will charge a nominal fee for advancing cash to you. This will be laid out in your loan offer.

For instance: If you go to a bank, then they will charge you interest or an admin fee or some kind of fee to advance you cash. A private lender takes the risk and pays you some cash in advance of the RAF payout and is therefore entitled to a fee.

If you need money now and have a settled RAF Claim (through an attorney), you are entitled to apply and we will try and assist you as quickly as possible.

No risk and no obligation to you. View our FAQ section for common questions surrounding RAF loans.


Get up to 75% of the settlement amount as an RAF cash advance


Once the loan agreement is signed, receive payout in as quickly as 1 day


No hidden fees, all fees are clearly stated on your loan agreement.


If you need R 400 000.
The funder buys R 500 000 of your claim.
The cost is therefore 20 % of the amount the funder buys.


  • APPLY on this site. Fill in online form
  • A quote is sent to you
  • You sign an Advance Agreement. Your attorney needs to agree
  • Cash is deposited to your account
  • When your claim pays out, we are paid.


  • Your RAF claim needs to be settled – RAF has agreed to your claim
  • You have a court order approving your claim
  • You claimed via an attorney


  • Get up to 75% of the claim amount
  • Pay our fee only when you get paid
  • Get an advance even if you are blacklisted
  • Best rates in the market
  • No risks to you
  • Payment in 24 hours after documents signed
  • Facilitated online for added convenience

Common Questions About RAF Loans

What are RAF loans in South Africa?

RAF loans, which stands for the Road Accident Fund loans, are financial products specifically designed to provide assistance to individuals who have been involved in road accidents. These loans are intended to offer immediate financial support to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of income, and other related expenses resulting from the accident while you await your official payout from the RAF. This process commonly takes years. 

How Can I Apply For An RAF Loan?

To apply for an RAF loan in South Africa, you will need to contact the Road Accident Fund directly or consult with a legal professional experienced in personal injury claims. The application process typically involves gathering all relevant documentation, such as medical reports, accident reports, and proof of expenses, and submitting them to the Road Accident Fund for assessment.

Who is eligible for an RAF loan in South Africa?

Individuals who have been involved in road accidents in South Africa and suffered injuries or losses are generally eligible to apply for RAF compensation. However, it is essential to meet certain criteria, such as being able to prove that the accident was not your fault and that you have incurred significant expenses as a result. Once you have a court order and settlement amount from the court, you can proceed to apply for an RAF loan. 

What expenses can be covered by a RAF loan?

RAF loans are designed to cover various expenses resulting from road accidents. These may include medical bills, hospitalization costs, rehabilitation fees, physical therapy, loss of income, and even future medical expenses if necessary. 

How long does it take to receive a RAF loan in South Africa?

On average, successful applicants receive their RAF cash advance within 3 days. 

Is collateral required for RAF loans?

No, RAF loans in South Africa typically do not require collateral. These loans are based on the assessment of your road accident claim and the financial support needed to cover your expenses. Therefore, you do not need to provide any assets or property as security for the loan.

What Happens If I Lose My RAF Claim?

If your RAF claim is unsuccessful, meaning you are denied compensation for your road accident injuries or losses, you will not be eligible for a RAF bridging loan. 

Are RAF Loans the same as persona loans?

No, RAF loans are specifically designed for individuals who have been involved in road accidents, while personal loans are general-purpose loans that can be used for various purposes. RAF loans focus on providing financial assistance to cover specific accident-related expenses, whereas personal loans offer flexibility for various personal or business needs unrelated to road accidents.

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