Save money by reducing long-term expenses with leasing finance for equipment.

Cash flow tight? Get new equipment through rental finance and save money.

If your business is growing at a rapid rate but your equipment is old and outdated, no longer able to keep up with your exponential growth, you may be wondering how to acquire new equipment for your business. Most businesses undergoing rapid growth don’t have the capital available to invest in new equipment. This requires a huge upfront inveestment that most businesses just don’t have access to. In addition to this, equipment depreciates at a rapid rate so it cannot be viewed as an investment. 

The solution is to rent equipment through leasing finance. There are a wide range of asset classes to rent ranging from IT Equipment to Medical Equipment and Construction Equipment. We partner with only the best asset rental companies in South Africa to help you gain access to the equipment you need for your business to flourish.

Asset Classes 

Almost all movable assets and equipment can be leased through rental finance

  • IT
  • Medical
  • Construction 
  • Mining
  • Telecommuincations 
  • Fleets 
  • Office Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure Equipment 

Take advantage of the benefits of lease funding your equipment


No Upfront Investment

For no or at most a minimal deposit, rental finance allows you to acquire essential equipment and assets for your business to grow. 

Tax Deductions

Asset rental is a tax deductible expense and thereby reduces your tax liability.

Harness Opportunities

Asset funding can create new business opportunities by allowing you to capitalise on gaps in the market. Equipment rental can modernise your processes and make your team more efficient. 

Competitive Advantage

By using rental finance to acquire modern, state-of-the art machinery or equipment, you can take on your biggest competitors with confidence. You may end up doing it even better than they do!


Rental finance ensures your equipment is maintained and serviced by the equipment leasing company. If something goes wrong, the maintainence team is on hand to assist with repairs. 

Why Apply With Us?

Our asset rental specialists have been in the industry for over 20 years. Customers can enjoy the advantages of using assets with the latest technologies without the expense of purchasing new equipment outright, frequently.  

  • Reputable 

Our asset rental specialists have a solid track record and excellent reputation as one of the leading asset rental companies in South Africa.

  • Best rates 

We guarantee we find you the best deals on new equipment, cheaper than you’ll find it anywhere else. 

  • Flexibility 

You are free to choose any vendor so you have the flexibility to choose any brand of equipment from your preferred supplier, at the best price. 

  • Niche solutions 

We offer industry-specific solutions, for example, medical equipment and heavy-duty machinery. 

Asset Life Cycle



Let’s face it, most assets require regular replacement or disposal, which means using your own capital to purchase assets outright is in fact a waste of your money. Renting your equipment makes much more financial sense by: 

  • a tailored payment plan to suit your needs 
  • end of rental term disposal 
  • power to replace and upgrade equipment as needed 

Managing your assets effectively is much easier when using the asset rental model. Proper management of assets reduces downtime and business interruptions, which impacts your bottom line. For your convenience, we offer asset tracking and an online asset management portal to easily manage your contracts and insurance. 


At the end of the rental period, we handle the safe disposal of assets on your behalf, removing the headache of disposing of outdated assets yourself. We either refurbish, recycle or dispose of the equipment (depending on what it is), in compliance with local laws and regulations. 

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