Free Will Drafting Service in South Africa


Take advantage of this free will drafting service in South Africa


Get a will, a consultation and comprehensive calculation of the legal costs that your estate will incur, when you pass away, and also a policy that covers the costs of winding up your estate. All with our free will drafting service.

The reality is, you can’t afford to NOT have a will in place

We live in dangerous times and disaster can strike without notice. Without a will, your loved ones could suffer unnecessarily. Why let this happen? Be responsible and get your will done now, by the professsionals. We offer a free will drafting service in South Africa to ensure your legacy is protected. That’s right, there is no costs involved, drafting of your will is a complimentary service.

Our expert consultants can:

– guide you
– draw up a will that protects your loved ones
– show you the gaps in your financial plan
– advise you on how to fix the gaps in your estate planning

Once your personalised assessment is completed, you have the option to take out a plan for a nominal monthly fee starting at R87.31, that will cover the costs of winding up your estate.

Still not convinced you need a will?

With corruption as rife as ever in South Africa, the Mail & Guardian recently reported on how people without proper wills in place are being swindled out of their inheritance by corrupt High Court officials. The courts are accused of maladministration and theft. A will and testament clearly divvies up a deceased estate, so that monies go to the intended parties without issue. 

The process:

  • Enquiry Form: Fill in our online enquiry form
  • Contact: a consultant will contact you to set up an appointment to understand your needs
  • Assessment: the expert consultant does an assessment of your assets
  • Calculation: a calculation is done to establish the costs when you pass on
  • Presentation: a proposal is presented on how to mitigate and pay for the costs of the deceased person
  • Decision: you make your decision on how to proceed
  • Will: your personalised will is drawn up

Protect Your Loved Ones, Now. Why Wait?


Remember, that when you die without a will, your assets are handed to people that work for the government ( Master of the High Court) to control, manage and decide how your assets are to be distributed to your beneficiaries. Do you want this?

Can you imagine your family without any money, because your assets are ‘locked-up’ in the bureaucratic government system? Is this fair on your loved ones?



Do the right thing. Get a Will drawn up now, by our experts!



Whether you’re the breadwinner, a single parents, well-off or struggling financially, there is no will too simple or complex for our experts to handle. Each will is custom drafted to meet your specific needs.


Whether you have assets in South Africa or offshore, your will is drafted to be compliant with local laws, ensuring your assets always remain protected and accessible to your loved ones regardless of where they are located.


We will draft your will by creating prupose-driven trusts to ensure your legacy and loved ones are always protected, from children’s trusts to widow’s trusts and special care trusts. 


This is the first will of its kind in South Africa. A Shari’ah compliant will available to the Muslim communities of SA, to protecte their legacy while upholding the values of their faith in the event of their passing. 

Enquire about the drafting of your will and testament




What is a Will?
A Will is a document that advises how your assets like money, property, physical and intellectual possessions, are to be distributed when you pass-away. It ensures that those left behind are cared for and that your wishes with respect to the
distribution of your assets, are adhered to.


Who needs a Will?
EVERYONE; so that those left behind know what your intentions are AND so that your assets do not land
up under the control of a stranger in the government (Master of the High Court)

Reasons to have a Will?

  • To ensure your children or family are looked after
  • To ensure the right people inherit
  • To ensure funds are paid out quickly
  • To save your estate money
  • To avoid complicated tax issues
  • To be a responsible citizen

What makes our approved specialists unique?

  • NO CHARGE benefits
  • Drafting of a Will
  • Unlimited amendments
  • Safe custody of original legal Will
  • Calculation of the estate legal fees
  • Capital Legacy clients automatically receive a 25% discount on Executors fees, Trustee Fees and Conveyance fees
  • Dedicated Estate Consultant to assist the family when you have passed away
  • Additional Benefits (with a policy in place)
  • Wind up estates within 6-9 months. Quicker than industry average
  • Chargeable Cost
  • Protection Plan – to cover the cost of estate legal fees when you pass away

Why use our services?

  • We make it easy for you
  • Free consultation with experts
  • Full calculation of the legal costs when you die
  • GAP cover (policy )to cover unforeseen costs is available
  • Lifetime updates to your will
  • Identify gaps in estate plan
  • Professional unbiased executors appointed
  • Safe custody of your will
  • To assist you to leave a legacy for your family

Costs of a Will?
Some specialist companies draw up Wills free but an option to take out a policy and this will have a monthly premium. These policies cover the legal costs of your estate.

Is the process safe?
Yes, all consultants are trained and qualified by experts, accredited by the relevant authorities.

Do you offer financial products?
Yes, our accredited vendors offer a full range of GAP cover, life insurance, capital protection, legal cost policies and others.

What are the typical costs when I pass away?

  • Most people make provision for the cost of a funeral, but do not know about the following expenses:
  • Executor fees Executors Fees – an Executor can charge up to 3.5% + VAT of the value of your estate
  • Ongoing Testamentary Trustee fees – these can be 1.15% of the net asset value to establish a Trust plus 1.6% is charged annually the administration of a Testamentary Trust
  • Conveyance Fees on fixed property – to transfer your property to your beneficiary, there is a conveyancing cost calculated on the value of the property
  • Clearance Certificates on properties – to transfer a property you will need a rates and water clearance certificate from the city council or municipality and these have to be paid in advance.
  • Master’s Fees as well as correspondents fees – you will need to pay admin and communication fees to the Master of the High Court.
  • Advertising costs – following a death to notify potential creditors, two advertisements have to be placed in a local newspaper and the Government Gazette
  • Immediate and ongoing household expenses – a deceased’s bank account is frozen. The family will not have money to pay for monthly expenses like medical aid fees, school fees, rent etc
  • Taxes – passing away triggers taxes such as Estate Duty and Capital Gains Tax on fixed property

Do you have an example of a last Will and Testament?
We can provide this but it is best to get a full assessment done to be sure all the aspects are covered.

What is an executor of estate?
The Executor” is the legal term that refers to a person (or people) prescribed in your last will and testament to handle your affairs as set out in your will. It is the executor’s duty file all relevant documents as required in law, to calculate and pay estate tax and duties. It is a complicated matter.

How do I appoint an executor?
Generally, people appoint their spouse or a trusted family member. The problem with this is that at a very traumatic and sad time of their life, this person is expected to make critical financial decisions. It is better to have an independent person / company, that has expertise in these matters, to handle your affairs. Let our experts assist you