Unsecured Business Loans

Loans from R50k – R1.5mil within 3 days. For businesses trading for 1 year with sales of R1mil per year. NO START-UPS.

Equity Release

Access up to 80% of the value of your unbonded property for quick access to a cash loan. 

Home Loans

We will assist you in accessing a bond that meets your budget and requirements quickly and easily. 

Loans Against Vehicles

Do you own a fully paid up vehicle. Use the vehicle as collateral for a quick short-term loan.

Loans Against Movable Assets

Do you own valuable loose assets like art and jewellery? Use them as security for a cash loan and get them back once the loan is repayed. 

Medical Negligence Claims

Do you need to make a medical negligence claim? We can connect you with an approved attorney or arrange a cash advance for approved claims.

Pension Bridging

Get a portion of your pension or provident fund payout early if you’ve been retrenched, resigned, dismissed or retired.

Personal Loans

Clear credit record? Apply for a personal loan of R4000 to R150k and enjoy a quick response from our lenders.

RAF Cash Advance

Waiting for your RAF claim payout? Get an early cash advance on approved claims, apply here now. 

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange and tax emigration together facilitate global financial strategies, allowing individuals and businesses to optimize currency transactions and relocate to jurisdictions with favorable tax regimes, enhancing financial efficiency and risk management.

Train Accident Claims

Have you been injured by a train? You can claim from Metro Rail or PRASA. We can team you up with an attorney to fight your case.

Wills & Testaments

Get a comprehensive consultation and a legal policy drawn up so your estate is in the right hands in the event of your passing.

Loans Against Property

Is your property fully paid up? Use your unbonded property as security for a short-term loan. 

Property Bridging Loans

Get a short-term property bridging loan to cover rates and levies advance, transfery duty loans, estate agent commission bridging and more. 

Rent To Own Cars

Make use of the rent to own finance model to secure a personal vehicle.

Solar Power Finance

South Africa has incredible sun and abundant space, but it falls behind on solar innovation. Solar finance is an innovative rental-to-own model that provides a viable solar power solution for homeowners without the hefty installation and equipment costs.

Security Bonds

An executor bond essentially acts as an insurance policy that protects the beneficiaries of the estate from any losses resulting from the executor’s mismanagement or unethical behavior. If the executor is found to have not fulfilled their duties properly, the bond will pay out a sum of money to cover any financial losses incurred by the beneficiaries. This provides an added layer of security and peace of mind to those involved in the estate planning process..