Pawn my car – borrow against any paid-up vehicle, motorbike or boat.

Get money in your account in 24 hours by using cars, motorbikes or boats as security for your loan.


Pawn your car and get your cash quick. No credit checks, no upfront fees, no hassle. Funds paid out the same day.

Get a loan against your car, truck, motorbike, boat or yacht in 24 hours. Did you know that when you need cash fast, you can use your motor vehicle as security for a short-term asset loan.

Bridging finance using loose assets as collateral is now offered to private persons and businesses, at very competitive rates.

It is possible to borrow against your car, by offering it as security for a loan. The motor vehicle will be stored at the lenders secure warehouse, for the duration of the loan.

Once you have settled the cash advance, you get your car back. No fuss. No bother.

You can get a loan against :

How To Get a Loan Against Your Car:

  • Apply on our website
  • Receive your estimate
  • Lodge the asset as security
  • Receive your money
  • Settle the loan
  • Get your asset back

Application Process

The asset MUST be fully paid up. Submit your log book via email.

Submit your supporting documents (see FAQ)

Take your asset for assessment, sign the agreement, lodge the asset and get paid

Apply for a loan against your vehicles!


Increase your loan amount if the following is applicable

  • Regular service history
  • Tyres are in good shape
  • Spare tyres and tools in vehicle
  • Spare key
  • Licence and registration up-to-date.


Costs: 5 % per month.

Loan Term: 3 to 6 months (or shorter or longer)

Early Settlement: No penalties

Note: All loans are subject to Lenders Terms and Conditions

Warning: If you think that you cannot afford the loan repayments, do not pawn your vehicle.


Can I get a loan if I still owe money on the vehicle?

Sorry, no, the vehicle has to be fully-paid for.

What are the risks to me?

No risks, if you comply with the loan agreement terms.

What vehicles can I use?

Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Boats, Yachts, Trailers.

How much will I get out?

Up to 70 % of the vehicle value. Subject to lender valuation.

What interest is charged?

5 % per month, of the outstanding balance. See final quote.

When can I get my asset back?

When the loan and interest are settled.

Are loans renewable?

Yes, subject to conditions e.g. Are repayments up to date and the asset has not lost value
etc. A new loan can be granted based on the new value.

Can I use the vehicle while I have the loan?

No. The car/truck/motor bike/boat is security for the loan.

How quick can I get paid out?

It should not take more than a 1 day.

How long is the loan period?

From 3 months to 6 months but can be shorter or longer.

Early settlement penalties?

No early settlement penalties are applied.

Where are my assets kept?

In a secure, insured, off-site location

Borrow money against your car, truck, boat, trailer or motorbike for cash