Have you been looking into investing in a solar power system for your business? You may be wondering what financing options are available to you. With the tough economic climate and exorbitant energy prices, many businesses simply cannot afford the hefty lump sum payment that comes with installing a commercial solar power system. Did you know that solar roof rental is an option for most businesses? If your business has a roof, then solar site leasing is a viable option for you. 

What is solar site leasing? 

Essentially, solar site leasing is renting out unused space such as your roof, parking lot or unused property into an income-generating area by agreeing to lease the property to solar power installers

How does solar power roof rental work? 

With the energy sector in disarray, the demand for renewable energy continues to grow. There is a huge demand for roof space for solar power system installation. If your business has unutilized roof space, a solar power developer will pay you an annual rental to use your roof space to generate solar power

The solar developer takes on all the maintenance and installation costs, so there is no pressure on you in terms of financing, maintenance and running costs. 

Benefits of solar power system rental 

  • No equipment or maintenance costs 
  • Funded by a third-party solar power investor/developer 
  • Owner of the solar power system will pay a set rental to the property owner annually 
  • Agreements are approximately 20 years long, guaranteeing passive income for decades 
  • You get a solar power system without an upfront payment 

If you would like to learn more about renting your roof to a solar developer or want an idea of how much you could earn monthly, fill in our application form and we’ll be in touch with an estimate.