Solar Funding

100% commercial solar project funding 

Are you looking for an investment with predictable returns? Solar funding provides a unique opportunity for your business…

Our funding partner has secured over R100 million to invest in commercial solar installations. Through a unique partnership structure, we offer investors an exceptional opportunity to tap into long-term predictable returns, supported by renewable energy assets. 

As an added advantage, investors become eligible for the Section 12B tax incentive. This provides businesses with a valuable tax deduction, enhancing the overall financial appeal of our investment offering. It’s a win-win situation, enabling you to contribute to a sustainable future while optimizing your tax liabilities.

How Solar Funding Works?

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Discover a specialized funding solution designed exclusively for solar rooftop installations. The funds under management have been strategically allocated to support both existing and new solar projects, as well as the acquisition of established solar rooftop installations.

The primary objective of this funding initiative is to foster solar energy adoption within South Africa. By targeting commercial, industrial, and body corporates, we aim to accelerate the transition to clean and sustainable power sources in these sectors.

Our funding range is substantial, ranging from R5 million to R25 million per project. This generous allocation ensures that a wide array of solar initiatives can be supported, enabling organizations to embark on ambitious and impactful ventures.

We take pride in offering 100% project funding, eliminating the need for project owners to provide any equity. This approach allows businesses and institutions to focus on maximizing the potential of their solar installations without financial constraints, driving their energy independence and cost savings.

The funding term extends from 10 to 15 years, providing stability and ample time for project owners to achieve significant returns on their solar investments. Furthermore, our competitive funding rates, which are determined by risk factors, ensure that project owners receive favorable terms aligned with their specific circumstances.

As a jurisdiction-limited initiative, our solar funding program is exclusively available in South Africa. By concentrating our efforts on the local market, we aim to make a tangible and lasting impact on the country’s renewable energy landscape.

Join the movement towards a cleaner and more sustainable future by accessing our solar funding solution. Empower your organization with the resources needed to implement and expand solar rooftop installations. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your solar project aspirations.

Who Solar Funding is For?

Empowering your commercial solar initiatives

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Solar Funding is a dedicated financial solution aimed at supporting various stakeholders in the solar energy sector. Our funds are strategically focused on providing project funding for new solar installations, project refinancing for existing solar installations, and the acquisition of established solar installations.

For those embarking on new solar projects, we offer comprehensive project funding that can fuel the development and implementation of cutting-edge solar installations. Whether it’s a commercial, industrial, or body corporate initiative, our funding aims to empower organizations to embrace solar energy and reap its numerous benefits.

We also recognize the value of existing solar installations and offer project refinancing options. This allows solar project owners to unlock the capital tied up in their installations, enabling them to reinvest in new ventures, expand their operations, or optimize their financial position.

In addition, Solar Funding presents an opportunity for interested parties to acquire already established solar installations. By facilitating the purchase of these systems, we enable organizations to enter the solar energy market swiftly and effortlessly.

Our mission is to support the growth and adoption of solar energy across diverse sectors. Whether you’re a developer, project owner, or investor, Solar Funding provides the necessary financial resources and expertise to drive the success of your solar initiatives.

Benefits of Solar Funding

Tax Incentives

Benefit from a 12B tax deduction

Financial Flexibility

No equity requirement from project owners

Long-Term Funding

Generous funding term of 10 to 15 years, providing stability and ample time to achieve significant returns

Risk-Adjusted Funding Rates

Competitive funding rates based on risk factors

Targeted Market Focus

Concentrated efforts in SA, supporting commercial, industrial & body corporates to drive solar adoption

Frequently asked questions


Who is eligible for Solar Funding?

Solar Funding is available to a wide range of stakeholders, including commercial entities, industrial organizations, body corporates, project developers, and investors interested in solar energy projects within South Africa.

How much funding can I expect for my solar project?

The funding range for solar projects supported by Solar Funding is between R5 million and R25 million per project, ensuring substantial financial support for various scales of solar initiatives.

Do I need to provide any equity for the solar project?
  1. No, Solar Funding offers 100% project funding, eliminating the requirement for project owners to provide equity. This allows project owners to focus on maximizing the potential of their solar installations without financial constraints.


What is the funding term for solar projects?

Solar Funding offers a generous funding term of 10 to 15 years, providing stability and ample time for project owners to achieve significant returns on their solar investments.


How are the funding rates determined?

The funding rates offered by Solar Funding are risk-dependent, taking into account various factors related to the specific project. Our goal is to provide competitive rates that align with the project’s risk profile.

Can I refinance my existing solar project with Solar Funding?

Yes, Solar Funding offers project refinancing options for existing solar installations, allowing project owners to unlock the capital tied up in their installations for reinvestment in new projects or financial optimization.

Are there any tax benefits associated with Solar Funding?

While specific tax benefits may depend on individual circumstances, Solar Funding allows project owners to leverage tax incentives such as the Section 12B tax incentive, which can provide valuable tax deductions for qualifying solar projects.

Is Solar Funding limited to specific types of solar installations?

Solar Funding is applicable to a wide range of solar installations, including rooftop installations for commercial, industrial, and body corporates. We aim to support the diverse needs of solar energy projects across various sectors.

How do I get started with Solar Funding?

To explore the possibilities of Solar Funding for your solar project, simply reach out to our team through our contact information provided on our website.

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