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Attorneys: Get Rid of the Financial Pressure…. Get Funding Now

Why have sleepless nights about finances? Law firm finance is available to your legal practice, by unlocking intangible capital value. We recognize that attorney companies have cyclical cashflows and so attorney loans are offered by our attorney funding group, to all categories of legal firms.
How to secure a loan for a law firm !

Generally, banks do not look at non-fixed assets as security for attorney company funding purposes. The good news is, that this is now possible. Our vendor loans for attorneys, enable legal companies to leverage their invoices, mandates, case files, pending matters and debtors, to secure finance for the following and more :
– Acquisition of matters, costs to litigate onboard contingency matters
– Expanding staff, offices, new departments
– Cashflow ensure tax payments, bonus pay outs, salaries, retainer fees

4 Quick Steps to secure the best loans for law firms

– Submit your enquiry (see form at end of the page)

– A financial assessment is done

– A non-binding firm funding term sheet is presented

– A business loan for attorney is paid out, once an agreement signed


Loans for lawyers have the following advantages:

– Customized legal funding
– Repayment holidays when needed
– Competitive rates
– Tax efficient structures
– For large and Small loans for lawyers

Let us help you secure a lawyers loan!



How much can I borrow?
Up to R10m subject to credit and underwriting process.
What documents would I need to provide?
Annual financial statements, bank statements, a comprehensive list of matters and related. A list will be provided.
What is the approval time?
Approval can be within 48 hours after all required documentation has been received.
What is the typical term of a facility?
6-24 months
What is the cost?
Pricing is risk adjusted on a case-by-case basis which is subject to an underwriting process.
What can be offered as security?
Our loans for law firms look at intangible assets such as book debts, fee agreements, invoices and mandates, to assess the loan application.
What is the difference between fixed asset and non-fixed asset security?
A law firm should not be defined by its balance sheet. Our lenders provide bespoke funding solutions on a case-by-case basis using ‘intangible’ assets for collateral and do not require ‘traditional’ security such as property.
What can the funding be used for?
Acquisition of new matters, firm expansion, working capital, succession, adhoc cash flow etc.
What type of entities can borrow funds?
Incorporated entities.
Are any areas of legal specialization precluded from securing a loan?
No, but loans granted subject risk assessment and credit underwriting conditions.
Is My Application Confidential?
Due to sensitivity of information, all matters are handled in strictest confidence.
Are there any upfront fees?
No upfront fees are payable.
The attorneys capital funding offered by our associated attorney finance company, offers honest appraisals and quick approvals.

If you see the potential to grow your legal practice, make use of attorney development funds today. Secure funding for your law firm. Apply Now.