Being involved in an accident is a terrible experience. And then struggling financially afterward is also horrible. This entire process can be emotionally draining as these financial claims can take years to get settled, as claiming from the Road Accident Fund is not a quick process. Fortunately, a Road Accident Fund bridging loan can help. It can give financial assistance when you are waiting for RAF payouts and need the money urgently.

A Lengthy Process

Claiming from the RAF can be a very long and tiring process. It can be emotionally draining as you do not
only have to deal with the financial issues but can have emotional and physical trauma as well. On
average, it takes three to six years for the RAF to pay out a claim.

With the assistance of your lawyer, you must collect evidence to support your claim. This will include
documents like accident reports, witness statements, and medical records. It’s essential to be thorough,
so this step can take a few weeks or months. Once the documentation is ready, your claim can be
lodged using the appropriate RAF claim forms. Your claim will be registered on the official RAF claim
system. This can take up to a week.

The RAF will investigate your claim based on your evidence. They get granted 120 days to do this.
Unfortunately, the RAF investigation may miss the deadline by weeks or even months. When the 120-
day investigation has ended, your attorney will issue the RAF with the summons. Now your case is going
to be pursued in court. Now a trial date can be set. Again, this can take months to set up.

Depending on the circumstances, the whole trial process can take even longer. Even after your claim has
been settled in court and the RAF is ordered to pay your compensation, this process can take months
and you have to wait even longer to receive your funds.

Financial Assistance
But there is some good news. A company like RAF Bridging loans will be able to assist you financially in
these stressful times. Road accident Fund Loans can help you while you are waiting for your RAF payout.
To apply for an RAF claim advance, you must have a settlement agreement or court order and provide
them with your attorney details.

With RAF bridging loans you can get an advance of up to 75% of your claim value and a three-day
approval. You apply online, sign the loan agreement and you can get your money within 3 days. In order
for you to get an advance on your RAF claim, you have to use a lawyer to lodge your claim. When you
are going through stress and emotional trauma an attorney can make things a little bit easier. They can
make complicated matters easier and more understandable; they can negotiate more money and they
can even approve you for RAF advance funding.