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Liquidation Bonds – Trustee Bonds – Curator Bonds – Executor Bonds – Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you are in need of a Bond of Security ( Guarantee or Suretyship ), as required by the Master of the High Court ( the Master ) and you are an :

  • Executor of an estate
  • Liquidator in winding up the affairs of a business or individual
  • Trustee of a Settlement Trust
  • Curator in charge of a minor or incompetent person
  • Attorney needing additional insurance cover,


then we can assist with Trust Bonds, Liquidator Guarantees, Curatorship Bonds and Court Bonds.

In addition we also arrange Bonds for Non-Professional Executors and Attorneys Insurance ( above R 5 million )


Example : Deceased Estates


The general concept for other types of surety bonds, are very similar to example below.

All deceased estates need to be reported to the Master of the High Court (the Master).

In certain instances, the Master will request a Bond of Security be provided by the Executor.

The Executor will not be given the necessary authority to finalise the estate, until the Bond of Security (Bond) has been provided.


The Bond, is a form of guarantee or suretyship, guaranteeing the Executor will perform their duties in accordance with the relevant Acts.


Once the Bond of Security has been provided, the Master will issue a Certificate of Authority, which enables the Trustee, Curator, Liquidator, Executor to proceed with the finalisation.



Security Bond Issuers

The Master will only accept Surety Bonds from a list of approved insurers, of which only a few credible ones in South Africa.


Why Us

  • Our providers are independent and so give you access to the best insurers in South Africa.


  • Due to years of experience in the market our vendors assess the risk is assessed differently, so as to get you the best cover possible.


  • Speed is of essence. Our vendor systems and capacity enable you to get your bond facility in place within 3 days.



Approximate costs range from  .5 % to .6 % plus VAT, of the bond amount ( to be quoted at time of request )


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Some other terms for the products we facilitate are :

Liquidators Guarantee

Liquidators Bond Guarantee

Asset Bonds

Security Bonds

Sequestration Bonds

Winding Up Bonds

Company in Liquidation Bonds