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RAF Loan

No need to wait for your Road Accident Fund claim to payout….get an advance on your RAF claim within a few days !


No Credit Checks. No Upfront costs. No hidden costs. No risk. Blacklisted clients welcome.

If you have been involved in a road accident and have made a successful claim via an attorney BUT are waiting for the RAF to pay out your RAF money, then why not take an RAF advance and get your money in a few days !
An RAF Advance is cash money paid to you by a funder that has money to advance to you and who will wait until the RAF pays the claim out.

What is the catch ? There is no catch. The funder will take a fee for advancing cash to you. This is normal.

For instance: If you go to a bank, then they will charge you interest or an admin fee or some kind of fee to advance you cash. This is the similar. A private lender takes the risk and pays you some cash in advance of the RAF payout and is then entitled to a fee.

If you need money now and have a settled RAF Claim ( through an attorney) ……you are entitled to apply and we will try and assist…..QUICKLY.

No risk and No obligation to you.
Try us and see….you will be pleasantly surprised.



If you need R 400 000.
The funder buys R 500 000 of your claim.
The cost is therefore 20 % of the amount the funder buys.


  • APPLY on this site. Fill in online form
  • A quote is sent to you
  • You sign an Advance Agreement. Your attorney needs to agree
  • Cash is deposited to your account
  • When your claim pays out, we are paid.


  • Your RAF claim needs to be settled – RAF has agreed to your claim
  • You have a court order approving your claim
  • You claimed via an attorney

Get up to 50 % of the claim amount
Pay our fee only when you get paid
Get an advance even if you are blacklisted
Best Rates in the market
No risks to you…money paid to you direct
Payment in 24 hours after documents signed