Property Bridging

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Sellers Proceeds BridgingEstate Agent’s Commission BridgingLoans Against Property|
Rates and Taxes AdvanceTransfer Duties AdvanceFurther Bond Bridging and Switch Bond Bridging

Sellers Proceeds Bridging

Property Sold – Sold Property get your money now !

Bridging Property Sales – Money Before Transfer
Borrow against a sold asset. If you have sold a property (you are a house seller or property seller), and if there is a profit in the transaction, then up to 80 % of the proceeds of the sale or sale proceeds, can be advanced, bridged, funded within 24 hours of the transferring attorney issuing the undertaking, that the sale transaction can proceed. This is a short term property loan.

Property Seller Finance: is a sold property loan or sold bridging loan and is a cash advance on profits.

Bridging Property Finance: South Africa is done through accredited property bridging finance companies to get cash from property sold. Property sale proceeds bridging finance is quick and risk free.

All you need do to get bridging finance on property or property bridging finance, is apply on this page.


Banks – only pay out the profits or sale proceeds to you when the property is registered in the new owner’s name, but a bridge company, bridging company, bridging companies, bridging finance houses, bridging lenders or bridge financiers pay out now.  Bridging finance and bridging loans  is a short-term cash loan that bridging loan lenders or bridging finance lenders advance to you,  while you wait for the property to be registered.

Suspensive conditions – In order to successfully secure an advance as bridging financing on the funds from the sale of the property, all suspensive conditions must have been met by all parties to the property sale transaction, and the full purchase price must be secure, to enable a bridging loan to be approved.  Funds can then be advanced, bridged, loaned, lent, borrowed or ceded.

Deceased Estate –  If the sold property is part of a deceased estate, a bridging company can assist with bridging finance only if the applicant is currently the registered co-owner of the property.  A bridging loan company would not be able to assist with providing bridging finance to heirs to the property.

Simultaneous Transfers – Please note that if the transaction involves a simultaneous transfer i.e. if you have bought the property and then immediately sold it, you would need to provide another, un-bonded, property as security.

Quick bridging loans – in South Africa are easy to secure through New Heights Finance, as we have access to various bridging companies who offer bridging finance.  Fiance and bridging fiance is used when a private individual or a company has sold a property.  It can be residential property, commercial property or land.

Commercial Bridging – We also arrange commercial bridging finance, bridging & commercial, bridging and commercial loans, bridging loan finance, property bridging loans, quick bridging loans and bridging finance solutions with a variety of bridging programs

What this means to you: CASH IN HAND.

Estate Agent’s Commission Bridging

Commission Advance – If you are an estate agent or property broker and have sold a property, up to 80% of the sale commission, brokers commission, agents commission due to you, can be advanced within 24 hours of the letter of undertaking being issued by the transferring attorney, that the sale transaction or purchase transaction is secure and will proceed.

Principal Authority – Commission advance on, agents commission, brokers commission or selling agent commission needs the principle of the agency to agree to the bridging. An estate agents bridge or to bridge estate agents is quite common and can be paid out within 24 hours of the undertaking by the transferring attorney being signed

House sales com advances are quick and easy.  Commission advance for real estate agents also need the estate agency principal to sign permission to bridge the agents commission.


Funds in Advance
Commission bridging for estate agents through New Heights Finance enables property brokers to secure funds in advance of property registration and property transfer.

Up-front commission loans attract fees.  You will be quoted a bridging fee rate before you have to sign the loan agreement. Borrowing against agents commission is quick and easy.

What this means to you: CASH IN HAND.

Loans Against Property

Un-bonded Property – If your property is paid for full or un-bonded, then you can extract cash  by taking a loan against property, borrow against property, borrow money against property, which is considered secure lending, equity lending or asset lending.

Secured Loans – Loans against house, are home secured loans and are secured property loans or property secured loans. These are essentially loans against assets which are reasonably quick and easy to secure IF you can demonstrate the ability to pay back the loan within 12 months or sometimes 24 months.

Other Assets – Finance against property or a loan against property can include loans against commercial property or a loan against house. You can even take loans against jewellery

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Costs of borrowing against property loans, are dependent upon the risk the lender perceives there to be. Provide a good loan settlement motivation for your property lending requirements and the money borrowing cost can be quite reasonable

When Banks will not assist – Borrow against property or borrow against houses is a quick and easy way to raise cash when banks will not assist.

Rates and Taxes Advance

If you have sold a property and there are outstanding rates and taxes delaying the transfer, these can be settled on your behalf by way of a bridging loan against the property sale proceeds.

A Rates and Taxes Clearance Certificate must be issued before registration of the property can take place. Get a bridging loan to settle rates. Get bridging finance to settle rates.


Transfer Duties Advance

These costs need to be paid upfront to the conveyancer but the funds will only become available upon registration.

If you have been approved a bond, and the bond amount includes the cost of transfer duties, a cash advance to pay the transfer duties will eliminate delays on bond registration.

Alternatively, if you have sold your previous property, an amount can be advanced to you from the proceeds of the sale.

What this means to you: No delays.


Further Bond Bridging and Switch Bond Bridging

If you are switching your bond or have been granted a second bond, up to 80% of the approved bond or approved loan, can be advanced bridged to you, once all the bond and transfer documents have been signed.

Get an advance or loan against the second bond, second mortgage bond, with our quick bridging service.

We use different accredited bridging companies, private lenders, corporate lenders, bridge companies, finance houses, short term lending institutions, loan companies, asset financiers and funders to secure a cheap loan for you.

What this means to you is secure and safe loans.


Cost Schedule

  • Minimum Term – When property transfers
  • Maximum Term – 3 months
  • Minimum APR – 48 %
  • Maximum APR – 54 %

Example :

  • Loan R 100 000
  • Term 65 days
  • APR 48 %
  • Repayment R 108 645

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote.