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Pension Bridging

Bridging and financing solutions:


Pension Bridging

We can assist with bridging finance and bridging loans whilst you await the expected lump sum payout from the following:

  1. Pension Fund -  If you are awaiting pension or provident fund payout following resignation, retrenchment, retirement or dismissal, or as part of a divorce settlement you can get an advance on the lumpsum due to you if you need cash fast.
  2. Policies / Investments  -  If you have a pension policy, provident fund, retirement annuity or investment, endowment policies  with a company such as Sanlam, Old Mutual etc., which is maturing within 4 months, a portion of the funds can be bridged.
  3. Death claims   -  If you are awaiting payout from your late spouse’s pension / provident fund and you are in need of urgent cash, a portion of the lumpsum due to you can be advanced.
  4. Provident Fund – If you are due funds from a Provident fund after resigning, retrenchment, retirement or dismissal, we can assist with a Provident bridging loan.
  5. Retirement Annuities – It is possible to secure a Retirement annuity bridging loan. Ask us how.

Bridging Amount available

10% of the total value due to you, up to a maximum of R32 000, can be advanced without security.


The bridging fees are approximately 0.16% per day plus admin fees.  Please confirm the fees with the lender when they process your application as they are subject to change without notice.

Pension Bridging



Pension / Provident fund

  • Completed application forms (the documents will be sent to you on receipt of your enquiry)
  • Your ID
  • 2 month current bank statement
  • Last pay-slip
  • Pension / Provident Fund benefit statement
  • Letter from employer confirming and accepting severance package / medical disability (where applicable)
  • Letter of appointment with new company (where applicable)
  • Divorce settlement (where applicable – i.e. if you are wanting to bridge a pension payout which is part of a divorce settlement)

NOTE: Please ensure that all documents are legible.  If they are unclear or too faint, this causes delays in processing.

In many instances bridging can be arranged in 5 working days but if the fund administrators do not process the application in good time, there can be delays in setting up the bridging facility. The lenders are very anxious to get the facility in position for you and will do what is necessary to make this happen. You can assist by urging the fund administrators to expedite the application, in order that the benefit can be paid as soon as possible after the date of bridging withdrawal, so as to reduce the total discounting fee payable to the bridging company.

Pension Bridging

Policies / Investments / Retirement Annuities

  • Completed application forms (the documents will be sent to you on receipt of your enquiry)
  • Your ID
  • 2 month current bank statement
  • Proof of policy/investment from the Insurance company
  • Proof of maturity date of policy/investment

Death claims

  • Completed application forms (the documents will be sent to you on receipt of your enquiry)
  • Your ID
  • 2 month current bank statement
  • Beneficiary statement stating amount and distribution of monies
  • Death certificate
  • Divorce settlement where applicable
  • Benefit statement from the fund of the deceased
  • Latest pay slip of deceased if possible

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Disclaimer : Due to changes in legislation, rules, fees, market conditions and service providers conditions, information provided on this website can change without notice. Please check all information when calling for quotes and assistance.

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