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Equity Release

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UP to 80 % of the net proceeds can be advanced in 24 hours. 

Cost Schedule

  • Minimum Term – 3 months
  • Maximum Term – 24 months
  • Minimum APR –  24 %
  • Maximum APR – 30 %
  • Broker Fee –  2 %

Example :

  • Loan                        R 1 million
  • Term                        3 months
  • APR                          24 %
  • Repayment             R 2 080 000

Subject to lenders Terms and Conditions at time of quote.

Property Equity Release

Equity Release in Property

You can now access up to 50 % of the equity in a UNBONDED residential, commercial property, industrial property or agricultural land  in as little as 10 days.


Existing Bonds–  The property HAS TO BE 100 % UNBONDED
Property Value–  R 2 million or more
Loan Amounts–  Minimum of R 1 million or more
Max. Equity Release    –  50 % of the property value
Repayment Term– 3 months to 24 months
Repayment–  Monthly ‘interest only’ repayments and settlement of the capital at the end of the loan term
Security– First bond registered over the property
Default– Please do not apply if you cannot settle within the loan term agreed
Key Element–  You must be able to demonstrate that the loan can be settled in the agreed term

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What is equity

What is equity : Equity is the “current value less the current bond” or if no bond, then the current value.

EXAMPLE With 10% Bond No Bond
Property Value R2 000 000 R2 000 000
Less Bond R200 000 R0
Equals Equity R1 800 000 R2 000 000
60% of equity available to you R1 080 000 R1 200 000
Equity release plans

Examples of where the release of equity is applicable:

A client has a property that is being renovated or is being built. Cash is needed to complete the project. If completed then the property is worth more than the amount that has been invested in the renovation and so equity release will enable the person to complete the project. The client MUST HAVE a buyer that has lodged securities with the transferring attorney. Property equity release can take place.

A business owns a property (commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural) and needs to access equity quickly to take advantage of some opportunity. Equity finance can be arranged and a cash advance provided in 10 days, using the property as security for the loan granted….as long as there is a guarantee of repayment provided.

A developer has nearly completed a residential or commercial development and needs to release the profit made, before the transfers to new owners take place. An equity loan is ideal.

A cash deposit is needed to secure another loan. A property can be offered as security and a Home equity loan is then provided by release of home equity.

How to release equity

Basic requirements

Adequate security for the loan to be provided such as, permission from first bond holder to take a first bond over the property.

Loan settlement plan needs to be achievable. For example, proceeds due from other activities, policy payout, investment maturing, contract proceeds being paid out etc.

Property bridging facilities are granted to juristic persons i.e. companies / legal entities.  Company details and financials, FICA, property and repayment motivation documents to be presented.

Equity to be approximately double the value of the bridging loan required.

Minimum loan to be R2 Million Maximum almost unlimited !

Longest term of loan is 24 months but ideally 3 to 9 months.

R2 million – R5 million: Click Here to apply
R5 million – R50 million: Click Here to apply

Equity release loans are a quick way to secure finance but the borrower must be able to show the home equity lender that they can settle the loan. Contact us to arrange a quick and effective way to access your property’s equity! No bank delays. Personal service. Quick decisions. Competitive Rates.
Further Information

Equity Release / Property Secured Bridging / Term Loans using Property

Up to 60 % of the residual or “free equity” in a building and up to 30 % in vacant land, can be released to the owner of the property by the registration of a first bond or covering mortgage bond over the property.  Equity is, the value of the property less the outstanding bond and if no bond, then the properties value as determined by the lender.

In current market conditions lenders are however only granting up to 50% of the equity where no other security can be offered and ideally the property should be bond free or not have a bond of more than 10 % of the market value. Eg. Value R2 million, less bond say R200 000, Equity R1 800 000.  Maximum grant would be R900 000 UNLESS the exit plan (repayment of the loan) is very secure.

An Approval in Principle (the first step in this process) takes up to 5 working days to secure. This is very dependent on the availability of supporting documentation.

Conditions :

–  Minimum loan size is

R 1 million.
–  Interest rate 2% to 4.5% per month (subject to change without notice)
–  Once off professional fee of between 2% and 5% .
–  Loans can be settled earlier with no penalties (subject to negotiation)
–  Ideal loan duration is 3 to 9 months. Loans of up to 24 months can be arranged.

General Conditions :

Two very important elements:

  1. Security
  2. Loan Repayment

A. Security

A first bond needs to be registered over the property offered as security. Second bonds are not acceptable so the current bond will have to be settled and this amount will be added to the bridging loan applied for and should be settled by the proposed transactions, profits.

To determine the value of the property offered as security, the credit provider arranges to have the clients property valued. If you have a valuation, please submit for initial desktop assessment.

The client can then use the funds as they feel fit but with the understanding that the loan needs to be settled at a negotiated and agreed to time in the future ( 3 months to 9 months ideally) and interest hs to be serviced monthly.

In addition, the credit providers may  also require additional security in that they will ask that directors:
1. Resign as directors of the entity (in blank) and
2. Subordinate any loan accounts in the company to the lenders
3. Pledge the shares in the company across to the credit provider for the duration of the facility.

It is necessary to keep these documents in the credit providers possession in the event of non-performance on transactions. However, to date, the credit providers have very seldom had to resort to
harsh action to enforce deal conditions, as a result of careful due diligence investigations being conducted.

In order to give comfort to the client  credit providers are willing to sign letters addressed to the client confirming that changes to the company structure will only be effected should the deal run into extreme difficulties and / or only after all means to resolve the situation have been explored and that no other course is possible.

Credit providers are not in the business of taking over businesses or properties as they are pure money lenders and so these measures can be viewed as a last resort.

B. Loan Repayment

The loan repayment proposal is more important than the security. Security is easy to confirm.  Both you and the bridging company need to feel 100 % comfortable that the loan can be settled in the time negotiated. The focus of all equity release applications needs to be the loan settlement proposal. The Security is only used in the event of a default on the loan settlement and no lender ( or client) wants to call in the security to settle the loan, so please focus on providing a clear and concise explanation and proof, of the ability to settle the loan in the future.

Documentation Required

Step 1

Signed Mandate to Proceed / Professional fee agreement (Third Party Payment instruction)

Step 2

  • Name of entity requiring funds
  • Company registration documents
  • Proof of registered, head office and business addresses
  • Income tax clearance certificate
  • VAT Registration number
  • Latest Financial statements
  • Directors/Shareholders copy of ID and FICA requirements
  • Suretyships details i.e. Name, ID, FICA requirements
  • 3 months of latest bank statements
  • An audit certificate of solvency
  • Copy of title deed of property offered as security
  • An independent valuation of the property
  • Copy of the latest rates account
  • Exit strategy  –  a detailed description of how the loan will be paid back
  • Documents/undertakings/business plans/future property sales etc.

Once this has been assessed by the credit committee, a decline or AIP (Approval In Principle)  is issued. The AIP will indicate the “subject to” conditions relating to the loan.

Once all suspensive conditions have been fulfilled and accepted by the credit committee, funds are released to the client. This process should not take more than 10 days ( from when ALL the supporting documents have been presented). It is essential to have all documentation as required, in order for the process to take place quickly and effectively.

Property Sell, Rent, Buy-Back

If you need to release equity from your property quickly, we arrange for an institutional lender to buy your property with you having the first option to buy it back, within 12 months, at the same price plus interest, broker fees and admin costs incurred.

PLEASE NOTE : This product suits bonded properties, in low risk areas, valued at more than R 1 000 000 and where the bond is no more than 35 % of the property value.

    Documentation required :

    • Erf description
    • Copy Title Deed
    • Proof of address
    • 3 months bank statements
    • Credit check authority
    • Marital status confirmation
    • Proof of Income
    • List of all debts over R 10 000
    • Photos of property
    • Latest Bond statement
    • Signed mandate
    • Property owner details
    • Copy ID

    Conditions :

    • Property value: Must be more than R 1 million

    • Bond: NOT MORE THAN 35 % of the property value

    • Vacant Land: Considered if it is PRIME land

    • Maximum transaction: At not more than 50 % of the property value ( at purchasers sole discretion)

    • Buy-Back Option: You will be granted an option to buy your property back with 12 to 24 months

    • Buy-Back Price: Seller and Purchaser to agree

    • Buy-Back Term: Between 12 months to 24 months

    • Renting: You have and option to rent the property

    • Agents Fee: Once-off  3 % to 5 % depending on deal size

    • Transaction Conditions: This is a property transaction and so both purchaser and seller need to agree on the terms of the transaction

    • Loan: This is NOT a loan product. You sell your property and use the funds to do what you need to and the have the option to buy-back the property in the future




    • Debt consolidation using a bonded property
    • Property equity release to take advantage of an opportunity
    • Use the sale profits as you wish to
    • Settle debt using the property equity
    • Rent to buy property back
    • Stay on in your home
    • You turn property equity into cash – Cash is King.
    • You do not have to move out of your home – no disruption to your life.
    • You can use the money as you wish – no limitations
    • You can buy your property back – life then goes on as it was before selling your property
    • You can settle debt using your property – get your credit profile sorted out.
    • You can take advantage of other opportunities – grow your business

    Sell and Rent Back

    To get cash quick, why not sell your home and rent it back and then when you are ready, you buy back the property. Sell and Rent is also known as Sale and Leaseback and can be applied to any property. We have buyers willing to buy your property, allow you to rent it and give you an option to buy the property back within 12 to 24 months.

    Home Equity Release

    One of the best and quickest ways to get access to the ‘savings’ held in your property is the Sell, Rent, Buy-Back process. This is possible,  even if your credit record is not the best.

    PLEASE NOTE : We are brokers for this product and will submit your information to Third-Parties for assessment and processing.

    If you have a BOND FREE property valued at over R 625 000 AND have a business registered as Trust, (Pty) Ltd or CC , then CLICK HERE for an alternative solution.


    Mezzanine Finance – Developers

    This form of bridging is aimed at property developers needing additional or temporary funds to accelerate their projects. The process for this is the same as that of the Equity Release or Property Secured Bridging above but additional information is required

    Documentation required :
    As per Property Secured Bridging above plus Valuation, proof of sales, rights to develop. A full list available on request.

    Conditions :

    • Pre-sales in place (sale agreements concluded in respect of development units available, and be supported by finance deposits or bond grants)
    • Development loan secured
    • Adequate security
    • Developer to have track record of at least two(2) successful developments;
    • First mortgage bond over development property will be needed
    • Value of immovable property tendered as security (as determined by sworn independent valuation), to equal or exceed 125% of total aggregate encumbrances;
    • Applicants to demonstrate feasibility and demand for development;
    • All required rights, permissions and zoning for development, to be obtained and in place and/or status thereof;
    • Payout on registration date of first bond over development property.


    Mezzanine Finance – Commercial

    Commercial Property Finance – 100 % loans
    If you need to release equity from your property quickly, we arrange for an institutional lender to buy your property with you having the first option to buy it back, within 12 months, at the same price plus interest, broker fees and admin costs incurred.

    Documentation required :
    As per Property Secured Bridging above.

    When purchasing a commercial or industrial property, the banks and lenders will normally only provide you 70 % of the purchase price as a loan. You as the buyer must put in at least 30 % of the property purchase price as a deposit.

    Our mezzanine lenders will put in your deposit for a 30 % share of the ‘upside’ profit at year 3 of the loan. At year 3 they wish to exit the loan and so you will have to find an alternative lender to refund the 30 % deposit and also pay them out their 30 % profit share.

    The advantage to you is that if you see a good property but do not have the required bank deposit, you can still buy the property on the OPM basis…Other Peoples Money. You will be 100 % owner and manage the property. Very good for persons that do not have the required funding to go into property investments and have identified good opportunities.