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Bridging finance solutions give peace of mind. New Heights Finance has a bridging loan solution for almost any business or private need. Solutions include personal loans, pension bridging, home sellers bridging, property equity release, purchase order advances, loose asset bridging, Forex service, guarantees, financial instruments, humanitarian funding, grant funding, government incentive schemes, commercial property finance, affordable housing finance, mezzanine finance, structured finance and other financing solutions.

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Bridging Finance

Bridging and financing solutions:

Bridging - property related

All types of loans relating to property

Affordable Housing Finance

For projects over R 150 million  

Bank Guarantees and Bonds

From the top 100 international banks   

Commercial Property Finance

Long term loans and mezzanine finance  

Litigation Funding

No Success- No Fee.  Legal costs finance for claims over USD 1 million. Any part of the world. 

Financial Instruments

SBLC’s, MT 760’s, Letters of Credit   


Best foreign exchange rates for corporates and individuals  


Non-repayable, private and government

Humanitarian Funding

Grant funding for social upliftment programs and projects

Mezzanine Loans

Buy commercial and industrial property with none of your own money  

Personal Loans

Between R 2000 and R 100 000. for Clear Credit record clients only 

Structured Finance

Unlock funding for large trades and projects

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